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7 hours drawing in 2 minutes vid
Educate to empower

Graphic recording is a creative addition and visual accompaniment for events of all sorts (meetings, workshops, panel discussions, conventions, community forums, international conferences).


The graphic recorder acts as a "medium", live and in real time, preferably on stage but also online. The key ideas of speeches and group based processes are recorded graphically applying attentive listening and drawing skills.

Communication and abstract thinking get translated into images: ideas and contents become visible and tangible.


Graphic recording increases the joy of taking in information, processing it and sharing it with others.


I create visual recaps of events on large scaled canvas or on digital media. You can get graphic material (pictures and time lapse videos) of your event that can be used in a variety of ways (for print or for social media).

3dys/7h drawing/2min vid
time lapse video/life digital

October 20-22 2021
System Analysis in Asia/IIASA Regional Conference Online and at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing background
music: "Adventure Piano" by AlexRockBeat
UNODC - United Nations Office
on Drugs and Crime 
Media Office