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Camilo Melgar Q.

Graphic Recording/2D Animation/Illustration/Visual Arts

Pictures have a lot to tell !

Born in Guatemala in 1970 , moved at the age of 17 to Vienna, where I still live. This experience of migration equipped me with intra- and intercultural skills. From 1987 to 1989 I studied at the medical faculty of the University of Vienna. In recent years I have completed courses in digital illustration, business management and medical assistance .


Drawing has been an indispensable activity since my earliest childhood. Furthermore I have a very wide range of interest: science, art, languages, communication and psychology, history and archaeology, politics, and many more. Therefore, it was obvious for me to develop techniques of graphic facilitation and sketch noting and to use them professionally. Knowledge and ideas can be captured visually and communicated effectively:  



I have had the opportunity to apply graphic recording for different organizations and persons during events of several kinds. From small training seminars over annual conventions till large international conferences.



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Atelier Community with Gustavo Méndez-Liskaplastic artist and sculptor.


Atelier Tigergasse

Tigergasse 14/2, 1080 Vienna

+43 650 690 66 20

Hütteldorfer Strasse 16–22/5/12

 1150 Vienna

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Dr. Silke Mader

Management consultant, registered mediator, certified trainer, trainer for burnout prevention, coach, moderator. Expert in energy and climate policy. Yoga teacher.

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